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Anthony Bourdain 1956-2018 T-Shirt

Take care of yourself. Pace yourself! We love you and don't want you to destroy your voice just to perform for us. I was so lucky to see the amazing Adele here in Mi. One of the highlights of my Anthony Bourdain 1956-2018 T-Shirt. She sounds even better in concert....

America Established July 4th 1776 T-Shirt

Ataturk would have been proud. He would be sad to see you going in an increasingly fundamentalist direction with Islam, and towards autocracy. Perhaps some of this is necessary, like the situation with your Kurdish population. We should have listened to you about how an invasion of Iraq would incite...

Jesus First Day In Heaven With His Father Shirt

It isn't that what a free Society is all about? Isn't that what capitalism and free enterprise is all about? So good luck up on the perennial Hill talking to the politicians that live off the backs of the people's money. I choose to use Facebook and I enjoy it...

Official Logo Abadass Pitbull Dad T-Shirt

She is exquisite, and strives to do the right thing. She cannot accommodate the world even if she kept striving to. None of us can. She did her best and with good intent. She doesn't deserve backlash for something that is out of her control. Plenty to see and do...

Mattis Petraeus Mad Dog 2020 Shirt

I don't see any other language overtaking it and there is no incentive for that. Lien Han only based on the sheer number of people speaking those languages in certain countries. Travel there and most also speak English though. I've come to realize that the only people I need in...

Deadpool 2 Fuck You T-Shirt

These is a Deadpool 2 Fuck You T-Shirt that is meant to develop, empower and provide gainful employment to the youths, in other to facilitate peace and volunteerism, community service, neighbourhood watch, humanitarian services and other related matters. These is an organisation that can impact the lives and harness the...

Ralph Wiggum I Am A Militia Shirt

We took walks. Food was a Ralph Wiggum I Am A Militia Shirt home cooked meal. Now it's computers and phones and take aways and fractured disembodied families where parents are working stupid hours or the dead beats who live off us workers play video games and go to gambling...

Official Berserker Viking Special Forces Shirt

I can only imagine the disappointment your fans must have and the Official Berserker Viking Special Forces Shirt you are feeling. But a true fan will understand and want you to get well. You are an amazing artist, entertainer and woman. Get well my dear. we attended one of her...

Unicorn Batman Dabbing Shirt

I believe some of their parents have had terrible experiences with bad cops in the Unicorn Batman Dabbing Shirt. Somebody does need to fix it!! A vast majority of cops are good, but that same vast majority knows the one that are bad and say nothing.The police unions protect and...

A Girl Her Cats And Her Husband T-Shirt

Tell that to the mother who wants more than anything to have a child but they find that the child has no face on an ultra sound. Tell that to the mother that wants nothing more than to have a child but finds out that they fetus died in the...

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