A-badass April Girl shirt

A-badass April Girl shirt

A story about robert morse mad men and me I recently watched the finale from last year’s mad men robert morse plays the character burt cooper he is the older guy who plays the agency’s founder and doesn’t like people wearing shoes in his office he died in the final episode of that season in his final appearance robert does a A-badass April Girl shirt song and dance routine of the best things in life are free this is a somewhat surreal hallucination on the part of character don draper not bad singing and dancing for an 83 year old in the 1960s and 70s robert morse was one of the biggest stars on broadway he was known for musical comedies and being a song and dance man he won tony awards in 1962 and 1990 I first knew who robert morse was from the 1967 movie how to succeed in business without really trying he’s done lots of other movies and tv shows this mad men finale dance routine was special for me in two ways first I always like it when older stars get a chance to reprise a role which made them famous I like the nostalgia of it second this dance routine reminded me of an event in my life in the mid 1970s I did talk shows and interview programs in houston a co worker dan lucas directed the houston end of a national charity telethon

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Show marc jacobs ss15 lead artist françois nars founder creative director look the look for the show features no makeup we only applied moisturizer with marc we always take it to the extreme we ve done bold looks in the past but this season we wanted to make a A-badass April Girl shirt statement by not applying anything this goes back to one of the looks that I ve always loved bare skin nothing on the face lips or eye just beautiful skin I love makeup but I also love seeing women without makeup to me it s a great way to show fashion it works so well with the clothes and the hair who knows maybe next season we will go back to a full face of makeup I love having the flexibility to do this we are not locked into applying makeup I like the idea that what you see is what you get. Poison girl roller pearl is a precious glass bottle topped with a delicate pearl your perfect companion for a discreet on the go application with an ultra light and fresh texture iampoison on dior com pg animation. Sorry about today chicago the chicago weather apparently hates dfa it knocked pat’s set short and completely prevented shitrobot and I james from playing that sucked what a beautiful setting

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