Brick And Mordy Shirt

Brick And Mordy Shirt

Blame whomever or whatever but, let’s try to fix it. One suggestion written here was great and something we used to have during a school assembly. That was an address or demonstration by the Brick And Mordy Shirt department showing us youngsters (50 years ago) how to deal with the police. It gave us an opportunity to meet these men and learn that they are humans like the rest of us. My niece is african-american.

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She lives in manhattan and rarely drives but when she does, we worry about her. I hope someone starts holding officers who use their guns without justification accountable and we can start resting easier. Other officers like this Brick And Mordy Shirt up and speaking up would be a great first step.

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They risk their life every day they see things they never want to see and sometimes they see things that make them extremely happy they’re doing a job that so many don’t respect whether it’s saving lives or abiding by the Brick And Mordy Shirt put yourself in their position they want to go home every day.

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