Campfire drunk 3 shirt

Campfire drunk 3 shirt

Consumer confidence numbers are out folks these economic numbers be it unemployment be it economic growth by the Campfire drunk 3 shirt way I think the Atlanta federal reserve bank is now predicting 4 6 GDP growth for the current quarter which will end in September right after the new phones come out and 4 6 on top of 4 1 now we ‘ve got consumer confidence numbers they have in August the highest level since October of 2000. Media ignore record low increase in Obamacare premiums anybody want to guess why I wonder if any of you who have tried to buy health insurance lately have been shocked at how its not inexpensive but how small the increases from previous years are Democrats promised to make president trump’s efforts to sabotage Obamacare a big election issue this year. Okay, folks, I can tell you know what’s going on I should have seen this sooner but I ‘ve seen it now the chief financial officer of the Trump organization Allen Weissberg has just been granted immunity the Cohen case all of these cases are taking place where ladies and gentlemen

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The special counsel has developed no evidence that the Campfire drunk 3 shirt Russians even changed one vote that’s it that’s book that is open and shut that’s the end of it that’s pedal to the metal that’s the rubber meets the road and the whole premise of Russian meddling has been blown to smithereens by rod Rosenstein. This whistleblower that she encountered Adam lovinger unwittingly he wasn’t looking he was just doing research and he ended up discovering Stefan Halper involved in this trump Russia thing long before anybody knew he was and when he found out knowing what we all know about Halper he threatened to expose this because this would add to the volume of evidence about the trump Russia collusion narrative that was being plotted that it was all a setup. In these outtakes from our new cover story Stephen Colbert covers a wide range of topics from his time on the Dana Carvey show to his thoughts on Bill Cosby and Woody Allen and more

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We canvassed the Campfire drunk 3 shirt country for the best products at the price point we thought would be best for each item and we find the best material the best quality the best manufacturing we found the best products for the price point that we thought was fair to charge for people who were demanding new gear in the rush Limbaugh store. The Clintons actively engaged in a deal that ends up sending a significant supply of uranium to our enemy Vladimir Putin and were looking at Donald trump the Clintons have done more to strengthen America’s enemies with Hillary in Iran and bill and Hillary with this uranium one deal and whatever Hillary’s done with Christopher Steele and this whole dossier thing and her sabotage of the Trump campaign. A bunch of fans is trying to organize a massive boycott of the NFL on that one day I don’t know how successful they ‘re gonna be but its all rooted in the fact that they are protesting the flag and protesting the military when they are rich beyond most people’s wildest imaginations for playing a game you know you ‘ve heard the drill from people that make this argument

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