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For who? No boris, tell us about the homeless, the poverty stricken, the unemployed, the gross social and economic imbalances here in the Childhood Cancer Mom Shirt that your system has literally had hundreds of years to get right, and has refused to. In fort portal town western uganda, syria ,” a tarn of breeding ground for political fever and asick state in eastern europe, or rather aweighing scale in which donald trump and atactician vladmir putin weigh their strengths.

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But what about the bleeding inncent bloods of millions of million dead and lively displaced Syrians. It goes against logic that Assad would do such a thing at this stage of the battle, when he is winning the battle, even the was against the rebel terrorists. He’s at the Childhood Cancer Mom Shirt  stages of liberating the whole country from ISIS and Al Qaida. He even granted them safe exit from Ghouta and Damascus. Why would he do this now?

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Childhood Cancer Mom Ladies
Childhood Cancer Mom Shirt

On the other hand, the Childhood Cancer Mom Shirt rebels, who are taking civilians as human Shields, who are losing the battle against Assad, who are desperate in their weak position, they would do anything to retaliate and being media attention against Assad. It’s an old trick that had been used over and over again. so trump is going to sort them out.

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