Dirty Mike and The Boyz shirt

Dirty Mike and The Boyz shirt

President Trump is doing a Dirty Mike and The Boyz shirt bang up job on the recovery from hurricane Florence in North Carolina I mean to tell you he’s there right now he had an all points meeting today with local and state officials about the plan going forward to facilitate all of the combined efforts of state local and federal to bring this part of the country back. The primary reason is to delay the confirmation because they don’t want Kavanaugh on the court because of his judicial qualifications and beliefs. Here’s the last sentence let me read it to you fewer divorces, therefore, aren’t only bad news for matrimonial lawyers but a sign of America’s widening chasm of inequality marriage is becoming a more durable but far more exclusive institution

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These people don’t even know what equal time and fairness doctrines are the equal time a Dirty Mike and The Boyz shirt still out there when it comes to politics and campaigns and so forth it’s not been lifted so it just magically happened that I’m on every radio station from new york to Santa Barbara. The Republican party is trending up trump is trending up consumer confidence is at a record high the real-life events in America do not indicate a massive vote for Democrats in november life on the ground as people live it republican party favorability sky high during all of this trump’s approval numbers jumping up during all of this don’t buy this blue wave business. Who would put their kids on a bus and say sayonara don’t want to see again but we’re not like the rest of the world

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It is obvious to me but I guess not a Dirty Mike and The Boyz shirt whole lot of people can say it but this is a setup its a thorough entire setup its gotta be a setup and the Senate ought to deal with it as though its a setup if she doesn’t show up then go ahead with the vote and now the accuser is saying she can’t show up she won’t show up until the FBI investigates ladies and gentlemen the whole business of the FBI investigating something that’s 36 years old is dubious at best. No evidence having high levels of bad cholesterol causes heart disease doctors to say just doesn’t surprise me at all and how many people are out there taking statins and going to get their cholesterol tests good and bad, oh-oh look its high look at your triglycerides oh my god we gotta get you on medication. Caller so if I had to describe Brett Kavanaugh that I knew from 1983 through 1987 I would describe him with one word as kind he is kind he is gentle he was gracious he was thought he was never somebody I would ever think of as a quote partier he was a good man and I’m just offended that all of this coming out

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