Famer’s Daughter Shirt

Famer's Daughter Shirt

It is dangerous being black in America. Seriously they should all consider walking off the job and perhaps let people see how well they’d cope without any for a day. I bet this age of trying to find fault in everything they do would stop abruptly. There was a similar video of a Famer’s Daughter Shirt women who did this exact same thing with the exact same outcome going around yesterday but nobody opened an investigation about it being inappropriate.

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There is nothing wrong with being held accountable but understand the Famer’s Daughter Shirt in full before you judge as I said abide by the law do what you asked by the police and don’t give them the chance to do these things that you get upset about then if they cross that line deal with it but that woman was in the wrong she drove dangerously fail to comply what would happen.

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If she had killed someone and they didn’t stop her or let her Famer’s Daughter Shirt off you can’t have it both ways there has to be consequences and if they look bad and it stop her or anyone killing someone so be it. Cause she resisted they use control and restraint so as not to hurt her that what i’m saying you don’t know what her intentions are was she going to drive off.

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