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I know its selfish, but i truly hope things change cause living on the edge of not paying bills when you are single dad is so hard i sometimes cry. Thankfully i have a wonderful support group around that includes my family, friends, church, and many others that help me when i’m down, but there are many that are stuck down there with no one to help them out. I guess i just wanted to say my Guinea Pigs Lady Shirt since i’m currently in the middle of it and its very very tough.

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God bless you all Guinea Pigs Lady Shirt, no matter what you look like or who you worship. A big problem I see is that kids take out huge student loans to not only pay for tuition, but to live off of as well. They leave college with ridiculous amounts of debt and, in some cases, a useless degree. More of these kids should get jobs while in college so they don’t need to borrow as much money.

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Guinea Pigs Lady Shirt

Here needs to be more appropriate funding for non-traditional students who are parents. I am working towards my doctorate and my last financial aid check was $29 after courses and books were paid for.  It was vey difficult to me my parents never went to college they speak no english so nobody could really help me, i managed to do it but i do wish things can be a Guinea Pigs Lady Shirt.

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