How You Doin Shirt

How You Doin Shirt

Then it changed to the EU we were never consulted, no referendum, retrospective or otherwise, and look what happened. A lot of our sovereign powers were walked on, our fishing fleet has almost disappeared, our How You Doin Shirt mines likewise, we have very little steel industry compared to what it was. We were forbidden to trade with our own commonwealth. Who remembers New Zealand lamb and butter.

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Far superior to the How You Doin Shirt imported from Europe. We ended up with milk “lakes” and butter “mountains” because the farmers were paid to over produce and now our farmers are struggling. There were few benefits for the UK. The only ones we got were a knock on effect from protecting stuff in Europe, i.e. Produce can only be called after an area if it is made in that area, champagne only produced in the champagne area of France, anything else became champenoise.

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DC thought he had a How You Doin Shirt conclusion when he called that referendum, boy, was he wrong and he bailed. He thought he had us where he wanted us and got a hell of a shock with the result. Instead of holding his hands up and saying, ok, thats what you want, we’ll get on with it, the coward left us without a PM and look who we’re stuck with. It’s obvious that there was no Exit Plan in fact there was no plan at all.

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