I’m Going Home T-Shirt

I'm Going Home T Shirt

But if i had one wish it would be to have a responsible, civil, wise, thoughtful and well informed man like yourself running this I’m Going Home T-Shirt. Instead we have vindictive, ignorant, bully who has soiled America’s reputation and its spirit. We have one promise we MUST follow. What else do we expect from this severely misguided and uninformed administration?

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It’s just a frenzy of destruction, on all I’m Going Home T-Shirt, and I feel like exhaustion is setting in. The world we are leaving our children is a far more precarious place because of trump and his minions. How did we get here.  I can’t by any means listen to a man who left his home town in Shambles! With the deterioration of Chicago, murder rate sky high and single mama’s barely scrapping by to feed their precious children and babies who are human shields to flying bullets and poverty.

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You embrace This Iran deal like it was your Own. what you should have been embracing was the city and people of Chicago. As far as Documented lies. I’d have respect for you if you didn’t lie during your campaigns to get voted into the presidency of these United States. I respect Trump more because he is actually doing what he said he would do during his I’m Going Home T-Shirt.

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