In the end it doesn’t even matter shirt

In the end it doesn't even matter shirt

Well on Wednesday Donald trump was complicit on Thursday in the same paper the Washington post I beloved host have joined Donald trump in complicity for hurricane Florence we take you to last night Washington post website they posted an, In the end, it doesn’t even matter shirt video op-ed by a meteorologist named Eric Holthaus about hurricane Florence and the politics of climate change. When this is over every bit of what dr ford is saying here will remain uncorroborated every bit of it when shes finished there isn’t a single witness that can or has corroborated what she’s saying in the interval between now and the end of this judge Kavanaugh will have his time before the committee. It was last night national geographic channel they did a show on the 90s focusing on how I beloved host changed politics forever and in their view not in a good way

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You know what did not come up not one word, not one syllable not one reference to climate change or global warming at the, In the end, it doesn’t even matter shirt united nations in the speech by president trump. The president just tweeted my comment which means he endorses it look I had no idea that it was going to be glommed onto by virtual every drive-by media outlet but it has been. We are not gonna go wall to wall coverage on the hearings were gonna jip it was gonna be ripping it significantly but randomly in and out because its boring sadly it’s gonna be hit and miss

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Dr. Ford is making her memory explicitly clear on a, In the end, it doesn’t even matter shirt few things and on other things not at all that is an inconsistency she does appear to remember what she wants to remember pretty well but it is random for example she doesn’t know who paid for her polygraph. Now let’s move forward to rod Rosenstein let me tell you what this is you know I believe in brevity brevity is the soul of wit what we know is what we have suspected what has been confirmed with the new york times story on Rosenstein suggesting trump be recorded to show his unsuitable nature for the presidency Rosenstein volunteering to wear a wire what we know is that there was and probably still is a movement at the highest levels of the department of justice and the Obama administration to undermine the campaign and then to overthrow Donald trump to undo the election results of 2016. Here’s the last sentence let me read it to you fewer divorces, therefore, aren’t only bad news for matrimonial lawyers but a sign of America’s widening chasm of inequality marriage is becoming a more durable but far more exclusive institution

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