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Just Do It Late shirt relationship with drawings space and perfume charlotte le bon chose thé cachemire perfume discover yours on dior com fb int charlotte maisonchristiandior. Many years ago I met peter on the internet he was soviet panda already and had a forum or was on a forum pre facebook kids about dfa and he was young and excited and into music and bored and energized and impatient and frustrated and optimistic and uncompromising and humble and up for it all the things that make being young tolerable and make young people worth the effort and we kept in touch this might have been 2002 2003 for all I know he was 19 or 25 or something sovietpanda help me out on dates ages anyway we talked a little about throwing parties and we met at some lcd gig somewhere along the line too though he’s in minneapolis I feel like it was in chicago at the metro but I could be wrong anyway he was awesome and I was always awkwardly proud that his party got it’s title from one of our songs I like shit like that it was such a beautiful party and I was very proud to play it more than once sad that it’s ending but things always change and move and end and we have to look forward to whatever is next and shit if you haven’t done it before throwing a good weekly party is work ask the optimo boys about it if you’re nearby please go and give them a hug for me

Just Do It Late shirt, hoodie, sweater sweatshirt, long-sleeve For Men and Women

Just Do It Late shirt Classic Guys / Unisex Tee
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Just Do It Late shirt Hoodie
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Just Do It Late shirt Longsleeve Tee Unisex


Premium Christmas Presents Tank-top, Ladies Tee, V-neck, Just Do It Late shirt for Boy and Girl

Face narsskin luminous moisture cream stick concealer soft velvet loose powder eyes black valley eye paint black moon eyeliner pencil via ven a Just Do It Late shirt larger than life eyeliner pandora duo eyeshadow iskandar eye paint brows oural brow gel brow perfector lips red lip mysterious red velvet matte lip pencil nihiwatu velvet lip liner nude lip stick concealer narsskin restorative night treatment. Hi joe love your work after being an indie designer for 3 years discovered my passion is vintage fashion please join me in celebrating a grand opening of my new vintage etsy shop there are great new vintage pieces every day at www ziehlvintage etsy com thanks so much u rock. Would you be interested in being on a panel called the artistry of music at rough trade records in brooklyn on 10 3 18 at 1pm it’s part of the mondo nyc emerging music festival and is presented by record store day lenny kaye richard barone and leah hennessey are on the panel you would talk about how you create your music the art of playing live compared to recording the studio and anything else you might want to talk about let me know and thank you

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