The Rebel Mindset Logo T-Shirt

The Rebel Mindset Logo T Shirt

How can kids not be allowed to have entire childhood summer holidays was spent in eating sweets and I am no way near obese even now probably because I played outdoor sports with real friends who coincidentally are also not obese. Ban any form of up-selling at the tills. Those large chocolate bars for one, I refuse to go into shops that The Rebel Mindset Logo T-Shirt ask me if I am interested in buying family sized bars of chocolate when I just want a paper.

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All forms of it should be banned, whether it is a The Rebel Mindset Logo T-Shirt chain asking you if you want a muffin with your coffee, a shop trying to flog you chocolate, sweets or celebrity gossip magazines, or anything you have not put in your basket. If I have not asked for it I am not interested. Apparently manufacturers tell these shops to up-sell stuff, and the staff are told to push it onto people.

The Rebel Mindset Logo T-Shirt, V-Neck, Tanktop, Ladies T-Shirt

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Get rid of all that The Rebel Mindset Logo T-Shirt, whether it is sweets, chocolate, magazines or perfume. That would be a start. When sophisticated marketing targets impressionable children with no worldly experience I think there is something morally wrong with that. I’ve thought this since I studied marketing 45 years ago. If Governments past and present had invested in educating children about how and what instead of focusing on academia then we wouldn’t have this problem.

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