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The united states government’s collecting record tax revenue we ‘ve had Republicans running for office for years claiming to want to get control of spending that’s why the Siktir git shirt tea party came into existence in part in 2010 there’s not even any pretense now. President Trump is doing a bang up job on the recovery from hurricane Florence in North Carolina I mean to tell you he’s there right now he had an all points meeting today with local and state officials about the plan going forward to facilitate all of the combined efforts of state local and federal to bring this part of the country back. I ‘ve always thought of funerals as for the living comfort the living the family salvation of the soul of the deceased eternal life heaven that’s the purpose of funerals is to enforce to make confident to appeal to god for the soul of the deceased and they didn’t do any of that. They both were minorities what do you mean the chair referee was racist and sexist when both contestants were female. The one school of thought and there are many one schools of thought is that Trump is waiting to get closer to the election to declassify and release all of this so that it will have an impact on people’s vote making decisions but there is other scuttlebutt and one of the most interesting I have heard is that the reason the president is not releasing is because it is so devastating to all the people you ‘re thinking about it James comedy Obama Hillary McCabe stroke smirk and page Bruce and Nellie or Glenn Simpson fusion GPS

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You know there’s a Siktir git shirt paradox about tolerance and I’m not gonna get into it in great length here but if you are a tolerant society the point that you tolerate intolerance then everybody is gonna become intolerant and you ‘re gonna have a police state by the time process plays out and ends that may be something worth digging into at another time another program here is a fascinating paradox about you know if you re open-minded and tolerant and accepting can you destroy yourself in the process. The upcoming Tom petty box set an american treasure is an exploration of the singer’s catalog that skips past obvious hits in favor of lesser-known album tracks that’s the case with Gainesville a song recorded during the echo sessions in 1998 but never wound up on the album listen to the track below. Cnn has abandoned coverage of hurricane Florence in order to cover the mana for plea deal with Robert Mueller they are so eager to hear that mana for finally sold trump out that they have left coverage of the hurricane do you realize this is akin to them leaving coverage of the search for the Malaysian jet they have abandoned coverage and are waiting for details on the mana for plea deal. Caller hi rush I am very concerned about this weaponizing of sexuality by the left I’m sitting here watching the poisoning of our culture by something I’m starting to think of as toxic femininity only was not allowed to say that sometimes women do hurt men you know when women use their femininity or I’m just gonna say it their sexuality to manipulate to control to subjugate men that’s wrong and its toxic. The tv awards show is a tv ritual that’s definitely reached a crisis point in terms of ratings and relevance rob Sheffield shares his modest proposal on how to rescue this beloved lunatic tradition

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Serena Williams I am here fighting for women’s rights and for women’s equality for all kinds of stuff well a Siktir git shirt woman won and the same referee refereed her play as refereed Serena Williams where is this oppression of women it was an all women’s match with the same referee and a woman won a minority woman to boot so what women’s rights were violated here. Kanye West took to Instagram to address the rumors that Drake had an affair with his wife stating that the rumors are untrue and detail why he takes issue with Drake’s handling of the situation watch below. Jordan Peele will host and narrate upcoming episodes of the twilight zone which is being revived by CBS next year watch the teaser video below. Cnn has called the november elections the Democrats have won based on polling data they re not even waiting for the exit polls laughing them re just using pre-election polls. So now this has gone from being Anita hill redux to Roy Moore redux Anita Hill came forward and claimed that Clarence Thomas sexually harassed her while she followed him to every job and career change he made and the evidence was a pubic hair on a coke can Clarence Thomas had had enough of it at some point and gave a great speech on the whole idea of a high tech lynching

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