Thanos Infinite Slap Shirt

Thanos Infinite Slap Shirt

And we have legit ways to make money and we don’t lie about it but this Thanos Infinite Slap Shirt is lying his ass off and he gets a pass! How is that even possible? it is biased and not impartial. He is too young still to know which political side these days are for wealth preservation and entrepreneurs that buy advertising BOTs that FB team writes them into.

Thanos Infinite Slap Shirt, Hoodie, Sweater, Longsleeve T-Shirt

Thanos Infinite Slap Hoodie
Thanos Infinite Slap Sweater
Thanos Infinite Slap Longsleeve

These BOTs find one word we write and syntax phrase and appear on our Thanos Infinite Slap Shirt page. Yep, these same advertsors may be foreign government ops posing as independent Internet news outlets and paying what ever FB rates are for populating exposure on FB. Nespa? Simple algorithms.  I promise” Mr. Gore had a legitimate gripe and beef when election was stolen in 2000 but he did not travel the world stumping about it.

Thanos Infinite Slap Shirt, V-Neck, Tanktop, Ladies T-Shirt

Thanos Infinite Slap V Neck
V Neck
Thanos Infinite Slap Tanktop
Thanos Infinite Slap Ladies

Making sure this did not occur again, it was not BOTs that MAY HAVE HELPED Donald Trumped be elected, but grass roots efforts on social media and the Main Stream Leftist Elitest Media does not accept the Thanos Infinite Slap Shirt intelligence of people on social Internet sites. Do the math. Facebook ain’t going anywhere and these so-called BOTs are theirs.

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