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No extra burden for the poorly paid. More than happy to pay if it means helping the nhs. We’re in the bottom 10% of earners however, and I’m so sick of being stuck in this rut when there’s the rich gaining everyday. Take a big chunk out of their Unbreakable Cat Lady Shirt. Hike up the taxes for them, not the families that struggle.

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They should ‘give’ a hospital to a company who can improve efficiency with kaizen, kanban and 5S and see what improvements they can make running it as a private Unbreakable Cat Lady Shirt. Too many suppliers think supplying the Government is a license to print money and overcharge. No it doesn’t, it needs more beds, more nurses, more doctors, more midwives, more healthcare workers of all stripes – but fewer economists, consultants, managers, directors, assistant directors.

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Unbreakable Cat Lady Shirt

Or they could just increase budget, they’ve allowed funds to be used for nurses pay rise after claiming for years they simply didn’t have it. Someone needs to grab May by the ankles and shake out all of that spare change before they hit up the Unbreakable Cat Lady Shirt! Millions of pounds is wasted on unused medications.

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