Unicorn Happy Pills Shirt

Unicorn Happy Pills Shirt

In the Listening section of IELTS, the Unicorn Happy Pills Shirt uses several different voices of younger and older people, men and women. Learners may also hear different accents Australian, British, American, or Japanese. The background noise is also different. It can happen at an airport, a café-shop, a street, a University lecture hall. Lectures should be ready for it and do not let it distract, they should ignore the noises and listen for the answers.

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Linking is how to transition from word to word. It is based on the last sound of the Unicorn Happy Pills Shirt word and the first sound of the next word. Without linking, speech sounds choppy and disconnected. When learning English by reading (as most people do) they tend to speak it word by word. But real English is connected together and pronounced sound by sound. In the conversations, learners sometimes cannot distinguish the words because the speakers did link the words, the first two sections of IELTS tests are based on social situations, so speakers often link words together to make it sound smooth and natural.

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The questions in the Unicorn Happy Pills Shirt Listening module will contain two types of word: those likely to be used by the speaker and those likely to be paraphrased. Improve your chances of following the listening passage by identifying the ‘anchor’ words (names, dates, and technical vocabulary) since these are words you will hear. As you hear these words in the recording that will also help you to avoid getting lost and know which question you should be answering.

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